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Are your customers using your products to their fullest advantage? Who are your customers? Architects? Engineers? Contractors? Distributors? End Users? All of these?

Do you have the channel strategies that work for your customers? What ARE you missing to maximize your sales? Market Penetration? Customer Satisfaction? Are you engaging and empowering your employees to be a part of the development process? Are you considering the impacts of employee retention?

At O'Keefe Associates, we've known all along that sales, engineering and marketing are never enough. Most of the time, they work separately. But if you want a powerful organization, they must be integrated by developing a culture that allows for thoughtful and open collaboration between departments and all levels of employees. One leader may make the ultimate decision, but it is only through insightful collaboration that more informed and successful decisions can be made.

That's why we're bringing together the finest team of professionals ready to set a new standard of service for our business partners.

We not only help you answer these critical questions: we'll put in the structure and tactics that will turn those answers into dynamic results. We'll help you combine marketing, sales and engineering into an effective process that works! We will help you better utilize your own talented resources by developing an environment that allows for all team members to have a positive impact on the future of your company (and theirs). We believe that the success of a company is a direct correlation to the success of every team member that is a participant of the work force.

Creating an "All for one, and win for all" mantra, will enable your company to adopt the critical core values of teamwork, integrity and work ethic that are essential for success in today's marketplace.

What sets O'Keefe Associates apart from other companies?

It's the integration of market-specific programs and services with sales and engineering know-how that enables us to deliver our business partners a unique advantage.

This integration can only be successfully accomplished by the invested time and efforts of the entire team. As Babe Ruth once said, "The way the team plays determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."

It's the way we partner with our clients and with our own exclusive network of affiliates to give you confidence, sales strength and the knowledge that we are integrating your company in ALL aspects of its marketing and business development efforts. Along with evaluating your organizational needs, regardless of channel, O'Keefe Associates will bring you the wealth of decades of experience in the multi-channel markets wherein you operate.

We will identify the key components of your business that create, capture and deliver value to your current and potential customers.

O'Keefe Associates is more than a consulting firm that offers sales and engineering support. We provide COMPLETE integrated marketing communications, with a key focus on sales programs customized to your needs and designed to SUPPORT your current and sales structures.

Strategic Planning – traditional planning has been a top-down approach, usually aiming to change what hasn't worked in the past, rather than focusing on what is working and utilizing this to inspire innovation. O'Keefe Associates shapes our tactics to evolve your business planning, mutually apply your strengths, while better allocating your resources to improve your business. Our co-developed strategies drive you toward profitability and satisfied customers, thus helping them succeed at effectively using your products and services, regardless of channel.

In other words, we want to help them succeed sooner, with less effort, and more dependably.

New Business and Product Development – using research tools, O'Keefe Associates helps you uncover gaps in the marketplace, and bring value to your introduction efforts. We will capitalize on the pedigree that you can offer to resolve future customer and market demands, while identifying what investments will be needed to support the development process.

Leadership Development – a repeated theme from companies that remains stagnant or has poor employee retention harms your company. Your most important resource – your people – is where your impact on the marketplace happens.

O'Keefe Associates will challenge your managers to evolve themselves and become coaches and leaders, to foster and develop the next generation of your rising stars that will lead your company for years to come.

Engineering Support – ranging from technical articles to working closely with the major engineering firms, O'Keefe Associates helps you get "up close and personal" with these important specification influences. Our proven lead acquisition and nurturing strategies open your engineering sales team to exciting new opportunities for revenue generation.

Our success as a support organization can be attributed to the full commitment O'Keefe Associates makes to understanding the entire path to purchase PROCESS and offering ALL the parts required to make it a success. Even with your current resources, you have gaps that need to be filled.

O'Keefe Associates will fill them by establishing challenging yet attainable goals… by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, supportive, and high-energy environment for your company.

O'Keefe Associates promises unsurpassed performance and results. Starting with our in-depth knowledge of your markets, we will build a lead acquisition and nurturing strategy that will utilize integrated approaches to deliver predictable, consistent revenue opportunities.


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Who We Serve

O'Keefe Associates, along with our affiliates, has provided a variety of services to many of the premier companies in America and the world, including:

  • OS&B
  • WILO

Who We Are

Are you searching for new strategies to increase your revenue streams? Time to partner with an experienced marketing and engineering sales specialist!

For nearly 25 years, Brian O'Keefe has provided a variety of services to help manufacturers and business-to-business clients augment their marketing and engineering sales capabilities.

Led by President and CEO Brian O'Keefe, O'Keefe Associates offers consulting in the areas of engineering sales management, marketing management, leadership and cultural building and product development, and channel marketing.

Our proven track record in personally driving unparalleled growth in the hospitality and multi-family target markets is our core strength. With an aggressive hunter mentality, Brian his unique relationship-building approach to business development, targeting the principals of a firm and working from the top down to achieve project specifications. His effective combination of analytical and interpersonal skills forms the base of an unduplicated passion for securing new business opportunities. And, his extensive experience in management includes hiring and training effective sales teams that have set the standard for the companies he served in professionalism and sales expertise. Now, Brian is applying those same skill sets to O'Keefe Associates.

In addition to his leadership, Brian has tapped into a network of affiliates – seasoned B2B firms that know your markets because they have operated in them for years. Thus, Brian can provide advertising, sales management, financial consulting, planning through his national affiliate organizations.

We can offer you this extensive experience–and the know-how to implement such programs.

Meet Brian O'Keefe

Brian O'Keefe

Brian is a results-oriented, focused, decisive leader with proven success in managing and facilitating people to stated strategic goals.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, he worked at Steamist, Inc., a privately held 60-year-old manufacturer of steam showers and spa options located in East Rutherford, NJ. There, he was Senior Business Development Manager for residential, high-rise and hospitality projects. He worked closely with developers, architects, designers and contractors to secure specifications, penetrating 50 firms and 600 professionals across the U.S. He was responsible for hospitality specifications such as the Aman Hotels, Raffles Hotels, Caesar's Hotels, Hyatt, Marriott and Equinox Hotels for his company's products. He also developed residential specifications for Related Company, Hines Development, Amir Rahbar Luxury Homes, JDS Development, Portrait Pools, and the OKO Group.

Brian's work in the commercial marketplace while at Steamist played on his prior positions in that industry, and included work with Lothrop Associates, Steven Feller Eng, Universal Companies, Sanipex UK/Dubai, and DzineWellness. He was able to secure specifications with the top luxury architect/design firms in NY, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Prior to Steamist, Brian worked for 26 years at Moen, Incorporated, the $1.3B manufacturer of kitchen and bath products. Moen is an operating company of Fortune Brands Home and Security (NYSE: FBHS) with $4.0 billion in net sales in 2014. Starting as a Territory Manager in 1990 in Atlanta, Brian worked his way through the ranks with increasing responsibilities to his Senior Business Development Manager position for non-single family, where he served for eight years.

Brian was expert at developing and executing sales plans to leverage pull-through sales approach that resulted in specifications in hospitality and multi-family projects. His successes specifications in hospitality projects with InterContinental, Hyatt, Starwood, Marriott, Wyndham and Hilton. His multi-family successes included Niles Bolton Associates, Jordan & Skala, North American Properties, Post Properties, Hines Development, and Trillist.

His ability to network and accomplish meetings and specifications generated $1.1M in new business in 2014 over the prior year.

In addition to this extensive sales experience, Brian created marketing plans that focused on product, promotion, placement and price with techniques such as the use of CEU's, mini-trade shows and breakfast walk-throughs. These created value for architects and designers while establishing relationships that create demand for Moen products. He is an expert in presentation skills with CEU's targeting the largest architect and design firms in Atlanta.

Brian has an MBA from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA, where he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma and had international residency in Singapore. There, he studied Southeast Asian business practices and culture and teamed up with the University of Economics in Helsinki, Finland to present a 3-month research project. He has a B.A. in Business Administration from Georgia State University and B.A. in Political Science from the University of Tennessee. Brian was awarded the Moen "Circle of Excellence" recognition 11 times for exceeding annual sales goal and was one of only two salespeople given special award and recognition at national sales meeting in 2014.

Brian's track record in bottom-line results, including sales improvements to drive customer-relationship-marketing, is just what your company needs.

His Core Competencies include:

  • Strategic Thinker
  • Budget/Sales Forecasting
  • Partnership Development
  • Customer Relationship Nurturing
  • Management
  • Channel Knowledge

Turn the Channel

Businesses today need a champion.

Companies are stressed for new solutions, often facing disruption from competitors that did not exist just a few years ago. O'Keefe Associates is that champion for you.

Brian’s knowledge of channel marketing and sales involves finding new solutions to help transfer goods from producers to consumers. For example, Brian/s ability to penetrate difficult-to-reach architectural firms has resulted in hundreds of specifications for client products. His ability to coordinate and direct sales, marketing and engineering brings a fresh new perspective to the problems you face.

In B2B, channel marketing involves everyone in the "value chain" – architects, engineers, contractors, wholesalers, designers and end users.

Each of these "channels" requires not only specific knowledge; the specific channel requires a thorough understanding of the obstacles each path contains.

O'Keefe Associates firmly believes that within the organization (aka "team") are members with unique experiences and capabilities who specialize and perform different functions (account management, sales, design etc.). The success of any project requires the help and cooperation of all team members – which often requires an “outsider” to see the diverse connections.

No individual, no matter how talented, succeeds consistently by working alone. The role of O'Keefe Associates is to identify, encourage and integrate individual talent for the benefit and success of the team.

Our objective is to help you move forward by quickly and collaboratively identifying the solutions that will drive you towards quantifiable and qualitative goals, while maybe just having some fun during the process too.

O'Keefe Associates, has that knowledge and understanding. Contact us for a conversation today.


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